Sheet Range

Two Sheet

Compact two-layer sheet has a tread whose pattern is inspired by the MICHELIN Wild Race’R tyre, it provides stability and adherence in urban contexts. The above layer guarantees an easy gluing also on lightened heel and on a wide range of materials.

One Sheet

Compact sheet with a pattern inspired by the MICHELIN Pilot Road 3 tyre. The XS technology has been used on a negative scale in order to guarantee adherence on different terrains and optimal water evacuation.

Slim Sheet

Classic multidirectional diamond design sheet, has great durability, and is perfect for increasing adherence in urban environments. In addition, the reduced thickness allows resoling without changing the shoe’s feeling.

Cushion Sheet

Light sheet made up of expanded materials, inspired by th MICHELIN StarGrip tyre. The specific tread design ensures traction and multidirectional adherence on any type of surface, it being either wet or dry, while maintaining a light weight and optimal shock absorbing. On request is available colour 006 white for a minimum quantity of 200 sheets